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I've just begun a whole new chapter of my life. I needed to do a friends cut because I am paranoid of entering any of this, but I want to start writing what I really want to in here. This isn't a cry for attention this is me writing.

I need to know I can trust people and if you were cut it doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means I am scared. Don't take it then wrong way.

If you want to keep in contact with me my AIM is; BE PRETTY x
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Friends Cut.

I'm about to post a personal entry, and a handful of people just asked to be added past few days. I have like 160+ friends. It's insane.

I'm sorry. It isn't even anything this time. I just want a closer group.
parisdiorchanel circus

(if already added no need to do this)

"Dear book, this is another day in my life. A life is like a book. A book is like a box. A box has six sides. Inside and outside, so, how do you get to what's inside? How do you get what's inside, out? Once upon a time, there lived a very pretty girl, who lived in a beautiful box, and everybody loved her."
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